Mandkhai Mendbayar

M.Mandkhai is one of the leading executives with extensive knowledge and experience in organizational development, strategic policy, risk and corporate management. She received diploma from West London College in London UK and MBA from International University of America in London. She successfully managed and participated in project analysis and planning of “Khishigten Nuudelchin” that domesticates largest automated farm complexes in Mongolia. She also managed public and social development building projects of Oyu Tolgoi between 2010 and 2015.

Enkhtuya Sanjid

She is a technologist engineer of milk and dairy products with 28 years of work experience. Graduated from Food technology university of Odessa in 1988 as Engineer and Technologist of milk and dairy products. After her graduation she worked as processor at milk powder production, worker, master and shift technologist at ice-cream production for 8 years and worked as Mongolian milk policy officer at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Then she worked as officer in charge of mild and dairy product affairs, advisor, and officer in charge of food safety at Mercy Corps International Institution and since 2013 she has been working as Deputy Director for Production at Suu JSC.

Dolgorsuren Gunchin-Ish

Dolgorsuren Gunchin-Ish has extensive work experience in banking finance, agriculture and IT sector as she started her career as Business Development manager of Corporate Banking Department of Golomt Bank. She received Finance master’s degree and Accounting-Tax master’s degree from Golden Gate University in California, USA and worked as researcher at Agriculture Research Institute of USA and tax manager at Informatica Information and Technology Company. She completed management masters at Harvard University in 2018.